Hi Folks,
 Well, appearantly, there has been a problem that I didn't know about with the ordering system and Paypal for quite sometime now, and I apologize! It is all finally straightened out and we're ready for orders.
 The 2nd (and Final!) edition of the Snow globe is here! There were 5 different colored houses; however, the Yellow house is SOLD OUT! There are only 4 colors left... Red, Green, Purple and a Black and Gold house!
  Thank you so much for all of your interest, enthusiasm and stories. It makes it all worth it!
  With my kindest regards,
    Brad Maltby



  ...and only in a limited edition of 1,000 
Wind it up and it plays "When the Saints Go Marching In" for you!
The Story Of The Katrina Snow Globe

It came from a tragedy, this is true.
I created this memorial, especially for you.
You, who can understand the terrible pain
That came from so very, very much rain.
You, who suffered and cleaned up the mess
You who have come through and given your best.

This globe is a tribute for the world to see,
A remembrance of what once used to be.
The help I received for this project a rarity.
So much I'm donating some profits to charity.
And lastly, thank the good Lord above
For giving us back the N'awlins, the city we LOVE!

 Look closely, you'll notice the blue tarp on the roof that FEMA gave out. Almost every house had one on it(some still do!).

 There is a red X, that EVERY house was marked with when it's doors were smashed in and searched for bodies. There was a code that marked who entered, when, how and how many bodies were found.

 Of course there is a water line, a still very visible scar of the times.

 And finally the debris in the dirty water that filled all the flooded houses, about 200,000 in New Orleans alone. The sparkles represent the strangeness of it all and the good things that would come out of it all in the future for so many people.

 With all due respect to  all of the victims, I hope you enjoy this oddity...

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